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Stingray Sailing

-Making the most of your time with the rays-

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Stingray Sailing - Grand Cayman's Top stingray tour

We take pride in upholding the outstanding reputation that we have established, and go the extra mile to make certain our guests feel more like friends, rather than customers. While the majority of other companies rely on the catch and hold method of handling the rays, ultimately scaring the rays away into deep waters, we have found that allowing the rays to swim freely, as nature intends, proves to be highly beneficial in the amount of rays our customers get to interact with.

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A private charter allows you to make to most of your time on the water. You can customise your tour to suit your groups needs. Request an early departure to beat the crowds, or a later departure to enjoy a peaceful afternoon or sunset. Whatever your needs, a private charter allows you to achieve them. Book it

$1625 USD during peak times.

$1225 USD during off times.

About us

-Locally Owned-

What sets us apart?

The Experience

We have built our reputation around the idea of staying in balance with nature. Many of the bigger operators depend on catching stingrays to show one to their guests. We find that if you treat them nicely and just sit back, they will come to you. This often results in us having more rays than the competition and other operators coming to our boat to kidnap rays when they can not find any for themselves.

Sounds like a bold claim to make? Come and see for yourself.

Meet The Team

Say Hello to our members


Booking Administrator

Originally from California, Michelle fell in love with the Cayman Islands In 1999 and never went back.


Capt Chip

Ambitious deckhand

Born and raised Caymanian, Capt Chip grew up in the waters in these waters and has never felt too comfortable being far from the sea.



Stingray wisperer

Chris' family goes back to some of the founding settlers of the island. He is also recognized as the islands second best stingray handler.

A few Pictures

-And Videos-

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    Guests at Stingray City

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    Sailing in

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    Video of Stingray City

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    Stingray City video

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    Stingray at Stingray City

About the tour

-what to expect-

-Our Boat-

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Our trips are done on the sailing catamaran the Far Tortuga. .The Far Tortuga is forty-three feet long and twenty feet wide. What does this mean to the average person? Space, and lots of it. With trips with a maximum of twenty five people there is always lots of room aboard the Far Tortuga. .Instead of sitting on a bench rubbing shoulders with the person next to you, we give you space to lay out in the sun to work on your tan. Whether under power or under sail, it is always a smooth ride on the Far-Tortuga.

-Stingray City-

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Once at the Sandbar / Stingray City, one of our crew will teach you the proper technique for interacting with and not chasing off the stingrays. We will then enter the water with you to show you how it is done. At this point, if you are brave enough we will even supply you with squid (the favorite food of the rays) so that you can feed them and even tempt them up to the surface yourselves. Get ready to be amazed by these graceful and gentle creatures from the deep. Stingrays use a super set of senses to search for food. Special gel-filled pits across the front of their face, that allow them to pick up electrical signals from other animals when they move.

-The Reef-

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After the sandbar we will head off to snorkel the reef. At This this location the water is between 6 to 8 feet deep, with the reef coming up almost to the surface. While swimming here you will see many kinds of coral and an abundance of tropical fish. Coral reefs are one of the world's most colorful and diverse ecosystems, and though they cover only about 1 percent of the ocean floor, they have a huge effect on the health of the rest of the world. Healthy coral reefs mean healthy oceans which means healthy planet.

-Heading home-

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Once you are done with that, we raise the sails for a quiet and relaxing trip back to the yacht club. In addition to creating lots of room the twin hull design provides a smooth ride by cutting effortlessly through the waves of the North Sound. For your convenience our boat is equipped with a fresh water rinse, to get the salt off, and a marine toilet.

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